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Weather Stripping

We offer several different types of weather stripping for our pet doors as well as our panel models, window models, and sliding glass doors.  Please pick the appropriate type of weather stripping below and indicate the amount needed.

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Hale Pet Door Vinyl Weather StrippingVinyl weather stripping is to be applied to the leading or back edges of sliding doors and windows to seal the gap left when a pet door unit is installed.  Please specify the length you require. NOTE: Maximum length of a strip is 96".  If you require more than 96", please note the total length you desire. You will receive the weatherstripping in 96" increments.


Hale Pet Door Gray Nylon Weather StrippingGray nylon weather stripping is used to seal the sides of the Omni Panel Models and horizontal Omni Window Models and the tops and bottoms of the vertical Omni Window Models.  Please specify the length you require.

Hale Pet Door Black Nylon Weather StrippingBlack nylon weather stripping in metal holders is always used to seal around the flaps of Hale Pet Doors.  It has also been used in the past to seal the edges of our panel models where they meet the edge of the door frame or sliding door.  Please specify either the pet door size and whether you would like interior or exterior weather stripping (same amounts but the individual pieces are different lengths) or the overall length of weather stripping you would like.

Hale Pet Door Thermal Bond Weather Strip PacketThermal Bond 3/8" x 1/2" weather strip packets come with the weather stripping pieces needed to seal the gap at the top or side of the adjustable ends of the Omni Panel and Window Models.  Please specify whether or not you need your Thermal Bond packet for a panel model or a window model.