Rescued a Pet? Get a Discount and We’ll Make a Donation

Save a Life -- Rescue a Pet

For All that Pets Give Us, It’s Only Natural to Want to Give Back…

Pets add so much to our lives. They create another layer, a dimension that can’t be duplicated in any other facet of our busy, technology-filled lives. Their unconditional love for us—in spite of our shortcomings in truly understanding their needs—gives us a safe haven from modern life.

Because we want our pets to be as happy as they make us, it’s only natural that we want them to be safe and comfortable whether we’re home or not. A Hale Pet Door ensures that our pets can access the outdoors whenever they need or want to go out.

Rescue Rewards — a Way to Show Our Appreciation

Because we value the generosity that people show when they adopt an unwanted pet, we looked for some way to show our appreciation. The Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards Program gives pet rescuers a 10% discount off their Hale Pet Door purchases of pet doors, ramps, Cat Guardians and Security Barriers. You can get more details on our website

Shelters and rescues rely so heavily on the generosity of their donors and volunteers that we want to help their good work as well, so we donate the same amount as the discount to the shelter or rescue where the Hale Pet Door customers adopted their pet. Rescues and Shelters can get more information here

Hale Pet Door Donated $20,728 to 330 Shelters/Rescues in 2010

2010 was a banner year for Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards Program as donations were over three times the previous year.

As Jen, our Rescue Rewards Coordinator likes to say, “We put our money where our woof is!”