Get Your Pets Ready for Spring!


As the weather turns warmer and we get ready for more outdoor activity, it’s important to prepare our yards and our pets for all the good things to come.

Check Out the Yard

There may be wind-blown debris in your yard that could be a chewing, choking hazard to your dog especially if you have a young dog or puppy that is very curious.

Has the winter weather damaged your fence? Check out the bottoms of board fences or posts and repair and replace as necessary. Heaving can loosen posts, so check them out and straighten and tamp them back in as necessary. If the posts have moved, be sure to check the boards or wire to make sure they haven’t come loose.

If heaving has damaged any landscaping materials such as borders be sure to repair it before your dog decides to help out by digging up the rest of the border material.

When using a lawn service or lawn products yourself, be sure to carefully read the warnings on the products as many dogs and cats are poisoned every year by the herbicides and pesticides in lawn care products, and are linked to cancer in dogs. Check out the herbicides and pesticides to beware of here.

Check Out the House

Heavy snows can damage gutters and drainage, so repair any problems before the spring rains cause puddles. Standing water not only creates a muddy mess that your dog will track into your home but also creates a breeding ground for disease carrying mosquitoes that can make your family as well as your pets ill.

Spring is great time to purchase a screen covered rain barrel as there are so many choices available this time of year.

If winter has played havoc with your doggy door, get your flaps replaced before the summer heat sets in. You can order new flaps for your Hale Pet Door to make it like brand new again. 

Check Out Your Pets

If your warm weather plans include hiking with Fido, be sure to check out his paws for winter damage before you set out. If you both have been couch potatoes all winter, start gradually to get in shape to avoid injury. Make sure his tags are readable for the rare chance you get separated.

If water sports are more your thing, check out your dog’s flotation device to make sure it still fits and is undamaged.

Enjoy Spring with Your Pets

This is a lovely time of year, and we all look forward to the great activities the balmy weather brings. A little preparation can spare you vet bills and your pet illness or injury, so get ready for spring!