National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week is April 8-14, 2012

Animal Control Officers work behind the scenes to keep our communities safe. Like the police, unless we need them, we don’t think about them or the work they do.

Every city or county has their own job description for their animal control officers, and they’re usually attached to the police departments.

Some of the things animal control officers do to keep our communities safe are:

  • Evaluate and protect animals rescued from injury, disease, starvation, neglect and abuse
  • Assist with nuisance wildlife (skunks, raccoons, squirrels) removal
  • Mediate neighborhood animal disputes with communication, education and enforcement
  • Remove wildlife carcasses from public and private properties
  • Apprehend loose dogs and/or livestock
  • Evaluate sick or injured domestic and wild animals and transport when necessary

This job, like all of law enforcement, can be very dangerous. These officers encounter aggressive dogs and people in their duties. They work to keep our communities and animals safe.

So, next time you see your local animal control officer, thank them for their service.