Hale Pet Door Welcomes Front Range Pet Doors in Denver

Pat Grumbles of Front Range Pet Doors installs Hale Pet Doors in North Metro Denver

The people of Metro Denver love their pets and want high quality dog doors installed to keep their pets healthy and happy.

In order to provide pet door installation service to the north metro Denver area, Hale Pet Door is proud to have Pat Grumbles of Front Range Pet Doors in that area.

A Colorado native, Pat is a lifelong dog owner. He understands the vagaries of Colorado weather and the importance of allowing dogs to go out to answer ‘nature’s call’ when necessary.

He has been installing pet doors for several years and knows that the quality of Hale Pet Doors materials and construction make them the best on the market.

Pat and Front Range Pet Doors will be installing Hale Pet Doors in Westminster, Thornton and Boulder, CO. He can be reached at 720-663-1364 or through his website FrontRangePetDoors.com

Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards Reaches 1000th Rescue Milestone

Bruno is waiting for his forever home

Hale Pet Door has reached a milestone in the 27-year-old history of the company.  On Aug. 21 Hale Pet Door welcomed the 1,000th group to its Rescue Rewards program, which donates to animal shelters, private rescues and other pet-support organizations. Home At Last Animal Rescue of Berkeley, CA, became the 1,000th Rescue Rewards partner and will receive an additional $100 gift from Hale Pet Door, on top of the regular donation amount.


“Welcome, Home At Last Animal Rescue.  We are very excited about signing up our 1,000th group,” said Jen Munch, Hale’s Rescue Rewards coordinator.  “It means our company has been privileged to help homeless pets at 1,000 different rescues and shelters all over the country.  Many of these groups have received numerous donations from us.  The bottom line for all of us at Hale Pet Door is that our donations can help rescue pets get adopted.”


Rescue Rewards operates thanks to purchases of major Hale Pet Door products, such as pet doors, security barriers and ramps.  Customers who have adopted a pet (even in the past) receive a discount of 10 percent, and then the company makes a donation for a matching amount to the group of the customer’s choice.  Organizations must be legitimate, tax-exempt non-profits with a federal tax ID or 501c3 status.


Customers can order online at halepetdoor.com or over the phone at 800-646-4773, or can order through the company’s franchises in Glendale, Ariz., and Denver, Colo.  Several independent dealers around the country who sell Hale Pet Doors also honor the Rescue Rewards discount/donation program.


A national company with the factory in Glendale, AZ, Hale Pet Door manufactures high-end pet doors that can go through doors, walls, screens, glass, windows, patio doors and French doors.  The pet doors come in 10 models and 11 sizes, with custom sizing available.


Griege is looking for his forever home — Home at Last Animal Rescue

Hale Pet Door began the Rescue Rewards program several years ago with most of the donations going to animal rescue groups in Arizona.  The program started to expand in late 2009 when the company uploaded a newly designed website, giving customers the opportunity to state the name of the rescue organization that they adopted from.


“We had about 215 groups that we had donated to back in December 2009.  And now, here we are at 1,000.  It has been wonderful to sign up new groups all over the country on pretty much a daily basis,” said Munch, who volunteered for many years with Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue of Colorado.


Munch touches base personally with every organization when it receives a first-time donation, and is in contact with all of the groups throughout the year.  Organizations are given the opportunity to share Hale Pet Door product brochures and Rescue Rewards flyers with supporters and adopters.  As groups spread the word about Hale’s American-made pet doors, they have the opportunity to receive more and more donations with each customer purchase.


“I expect that by the end of this year, we will have donated about $100,000 since Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards began,” Munch said.  “All of us with the company truly believe it’s a privilege to help animal shelters, rescue groups and deserving pets in this way.”


To learn more about Hale Pet Door and its Rescue Rewards program, go to www.halepetdoor.comor call the corporate office in Canon City, CO at 800-646-







Don’t Forget Your Pets in Your Back to School Plans

Include your pets in your back to school plans

Going back to school is an exciting time. Buying new clothes, school supplies and looking forward to the new adventures that the school year brings becomes the focus of your family’s activities.

Just as it’s important to gradually change your students’ schedules, getting your pet accustomed to being alone all day or without their playmates can be crucial too.

Anticipate Behavior Problems to Prevent Them

When your pet is used to having someone home with them most of the day, the sudden change of being alone can create anxiety. Sometimes that anxiousness creates unwanted behavior like chewing shoes or furniture, howling or excessive barking or even self-mutilation.

If you condition your pet to being alone gradually, most of these behaviors can be prevented.

Take It One Day at a Time

When you gradually leave your pet alone for longer and longer periods, he’ll be used to being home alone when school starts, so there will be no anxiety or restlessness and the accompanying negative behavior.

Tips for Transitioning to Fall Routines

  • Exercise your pet before you leave for school or work – she’ll probably sleep most of the day
  • Give your pet something to do while you’re gone – toys that hold treats will keep attention and give positive reinforcement
  • Keep your departure low key
  • Provide your pet with a special treat or toys that he gets only when you leave so he’ll look forward to your departure
  • Get a high quality pet door so your pet can get out into your fenced yard to answer the ‘call of nature’
  • Be ready to walk your dog or play with your cat when you get home to provide some much needed exercise and stimulation


Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy with a Hale Pet Door

Pet doors can be installed in doors, walls, screens, and even right in glass! Because Hale Pet Doors are available in 11 sizes, there’s a Hale Pet Door to fit your pet and your home.

Check out your dog door options to find the perfect place in your home to keep your pets happy and healthy for the school year and beyond – Hale Pet Doors