Can a Doggy Door Lower Your Energy Costs?

Save energy with a doggy door

If you live in a northern climate, it’s only natural to start thinking about making your home more energy efficient for the winter. If you live in a warm climate, it’s also a good time to button-up your home before the heat returns.

Check Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

As more technological advances have become available, there are now affordable products to help you check your home’s energy efficiency. Check out Good Housekeeping’s comparison of thermal leak detectors  to find out where your home is losing air. You can then make the improvements that will make your home more comfortable while lowering energy costs.

Make Lifestyle Choices to Lower Energy Costs

Turn off lights when you leave the room, close off unused rooms, insulate glass at night when it’s cold – these are things that you can do to lower your energy bills.

Because you let your pets in and out several times a day, consider getting an energy efficient pet door. The passage opening of the dog door is smaller than opening your full size door, and double flexible vinyl flaps close quickly keeping your indoor air in. Your dog or cat can come and go as they please while you save on your energy bill.

Get the Highest Quality Dog Door with the Best Warranty

Choose your new pet door the same way you choose energy saving appliances, fixtures, doors or windows. Find high quality products made by manufacturers who stand behind those products.

Hale Pet Door provides a5 Year Pet Door Warranty that includes the flaps. Most dog doors are guaranteed for a fraction of that time, and if the warranty is longer, they don’t cover the flaps – the only moving part of the pet door. When you buy a Hale Pet Door, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best!

There’s a Hale Pet Door for your pet and your home. Check out Hale Pet Doors and start getting ready for winter today!