Winter Pet Safety: Top 7 Tips

Most dogs enjoy the snow, but be sure to keep them safe

Most dogs enjoy the snow, but be sure to keep them safe

1)   Get an energy efficient Hale Pet Door

When it’s cold and snowy outside, you may be tempted to leave your dog indoors where you know he’ll be safe from the tempestuous winter weather when you’re away from home. But it’s important that your dog has access to the outdoors to answer nature’s call when necessary. Having to ‘hold it’ can cause urinary tract and digestive issues that can result in much discomfort for your dog and extensive veterinarian bills for you.

2)   Don’t leave your pet in a parked car

Your parked car can be a freezer – trapping the cold air inside. It can be just as dangerous to leave your pet in your unattended car in the winter as in the hot months.

3)   Give your pet a warm bed

Just as you like a warm comfortable place to sleep, so does your cat or dog. Provide a bed – off the floor if possible – in an area away from drafts. A blanket can help trap your pet’s body heat, so she gets a good night’s sleep for optimal health and wellness.

4)   Keep common poisons out of pets’ reach

All medications, antifreeze (just a few licks can cause death), rodent baits and poisons, and some houseplants can make your pets sick. Use only pet-friendly ice melting products that won’t irritate your pets when they lick their paws and stomachs. Remember that some of the foods that you love so much — like chocolate — can be deadly to your pet.

5)   Prevent hypothermia and frostbite

Let your dog’s coat grow longer for the winter months. If your dog has a short coat, get him a coat or sweater that covers him from the base of his head to his tail and around his belly. If your pet gets too cold and shows signs of hypothermia: disoriented, shivering, lethargic or hair standing on end, get her to the vet immediately. Frostbite can affect the tips of the ears, extremities and reproductive organs turning the skin bright red, pale or black.

6)   Avoid electrocution and fire hazards

Chewing on heating pads wires can cause electrocution or shock. Heating pads’ iron oxide pads can cause poisoning. Portable heaters can be both a shock and fire hazard, so don’t leave your pet unattended with one in the room.

7)   Bang on the hood

Feral cats and wildlife seek the warmth of vehicle engines. Give them a chance to escape by knocking on the hood before starting your car or truck.

Enjoy the snow, but be sure to keep yourself and your best friends safe this winter season.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Beloved (PET!)


Show your pets your love with activities they enjoy


February is the month we celebrate love. And who better to bestow your love and affection on than the ones who love you so unconditionally – your pets!


Because your cat or dog probably won’t appreciate flowers, and candy can be hazardous to their health, here are a few acts that will prove your love.

  • Get a sample of high quality pet food. This can be raw, canned or dehydrated excellent food which will make a nutritious and delicious treat! Be sure to keep your chocolate out of your pets’ reach as it’s poisonous to both cats and dogs.
  • Give your pet the gift of time. Whether your dog loves a hike on the wild side or your cat just want to snuggle while you read, give your loved one your full attention – or just a warm lap – on or around Valentine’s Day to show how much you appreciate their love.
  • Get a professional photo taken of your pet (and you), frame it and display it proudly.
  • Artists will sketch or paint your pet from a photo which makes a special remembrance of your loving bond.
  • Give your beloved pet some undemanding time. Your undivided attention is what your pet craves most from you, so set aside 15 minutes in your busy day and just bask in their animal attention.
  • Food puzzles are great for cats and dogs. The puzzles motivate your furry friend to move and solve problems, so they offer great mental and physical stimulation.
  • Get a safe, durable and attractive Hale Pet Door so that your pet can answer the ‘call of nature’ whenever necessary.

How will you show your love to your best friends this Valentine’s Day?