Date Posted: August 30, 2022

Three Advantages of a Wall Model Dog Door

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The wall model dog door by Hale Pet Door.

A wall model dog door differs from other models because it can be installed in virtually any interior or exterior wall. The ones we offer at Hale are:

  • self-supporting,
  • self-framing,
  • have reinforced tunnels for your pet to safely pass through,
  • include double flaps to ensure improved insulation,
  • include carpet to help to keep paws clean as they enter and exit,
  • and offer security covers with steel pin locks to make certain the only thing coming in and out of your home is your pet. 

Wall model pet doors bring the perfect combination of excellent construction and convenience, as they give you the freedom to add a pet-friendly design to any part of your home.

1.) Location, Location, Location

If you select a door model, you are limited to the location and number of doors currently in your house. A wall model lets you choose whether to install it in the interior or exterior of your home.  You can choose the exact location your pet exits and enters, and you get the opportunity to utilize any room and select the optimal location for your pet and home alike.

A wall model also lets you carefully select where your pet exits. You could fence off a specific part of your yard, and avoid the muddy areas or save your rose bushes. Wall models give you the most flexibility to design your home and yard in a harmonious way that benefits the whole household.

2.) Insulation and Weather-Proofing

An essential component of exterior wall models is the full sealing of the throughway to prevent any water damage in your walls. Hale’s pet doors for walls come with flashing, a dependable waterproofing technique, secured under the tunnel to ensure any water is diverted. 

We also provide free rain caps and an awning at the top of the exterior frame. This reroutes rain and running water away from the pet door. 

Double flaps paired with the aluminum tunnels provide maximum weather resistance, as your dog or cat enters and exits the tunnel without losing air-conditioned or heated air in the process. Wall models let your pet come and go without raising your energy bills.

3.) Can Be Used as Cat Doors to Isolate Litter Boxes

Pet doors are all about access. An exterior wall door allows your pet access to the yard, fresh air, and a bathroom break without constantly relying on you. An interior wall door is also about increased access. 

You can isolate a laundry room or closet, keep the large door closed, and still give your cat access through a cat door installed on an interior wall. This setup is especially useful in a mixed pet household, as it prevents dogs from getting into the cat box.

An interior wall door is a great solution if a cat or other pet that utilizes a litter box has stopped using it regularly. A common issue is that your pet no longer feels safe either getting to their litter box or they fear getting interrupted while using it. Installing an interior wall door provides security for your pet, helps to fix bathroom-related behavioral problems, and lets you isolate a litter box (and its smell) away from your dwelling areas. 

This is particularly convenient when you are hosting family and guests. Hide the litter box from your company while still allowing your cat full access. Interior wall model pet doors allow your pet a reprieve from the rest of the household and protects the rest of the household from the smell.

Customize Your Own Wall Model Pet Door

Pet doors are all about designing your home in a way that coordinates you and your pets’ needs. They get access to the outdoors and their bathrooms, and you get peace of mind that your pets are taken care of when you leave your home. 

Unlike door models, wall models let you choose exactly where to create access, whether that be to a litter box in a laundry room, or from the living room out to the garden. It gives you the most control on how and where to increase the pet-friendliness of your home. 

The customization options for wall models do not stop at the location. You get to select the sizing, the color, the number, and direction of security covers you want, the number of flaps, and more. You can even mix and match colors to coordinate your paint and decor. Shop pet doors for your home now.

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