Don’t Forget Your Pets in Your Back to School Plans

LaptopDogSummer will soon be over, and you’ll be focusing on getting the kids—and maybe yourself—back to school. Every change in routine can be stressful, so be sure to plan for those hours alone that your pets will have to endure.

Start Planning Now for a Smooth Transition

Just as you prepare the kids and yourself for a new routine, get the fur-kids ready by starting with one change at a time. Perhaps they’ll have to eat their morning meal earlier than on your summertime schedule, so start feeding them at the school schedule time about 2 weeks in advance. This will ensure that your dog’s elimination will be on schedule when there’s no one home to let her out.

Providing your dog with a high quality Hale Pet Door can save you from discovering unexpected accidents to clean up because your dog will be able to get outside to your safe fenced yard, so he can answer ‘nature’s call.’

Provide Plenty of Toys for the Long Day Home Alone

If your pet will be on its own for many hours, it’s a good idea to offer some new toys that will keep him busy while you and your family are away. When you offer new toys on a rotation in addition to favorites, your pup will be more interested in them than other things she may find around the house to chew.

When dogs can get outside — to run, explore the scents in the air and play with toys they’ll be happier to come into the house to nap instead of finding things to chew and destroy.

Plan for Potty and Exercise Breaks

If your dog is crate trained and you leave her in the crate while you’re gone, remember that during the day 5 hours is the maximum time you can safely leave an adult dog confined. They need to get out to eliminate and stretch their legs, so if you’re gone more than 5 hours, be sure to arrange for a friend, neighbor or dog walker to come and let your dog out.

Puppies need to get out more often depending on their age and bladder/bowel maturity.

When you have a high quality pet door, your dog can get out and ‘take care of business’ whenever necessary, and you can save money on dog walking fees.

Plan Ahead for Success

Your dog is part of your family, and you want him to enjoy the peace and quiet of staying home alone. When you consider your dog’s needs and plan for them, you’ll all have a successful school year.

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Hale Pet Door Announces New Size – Tall Small Medium


Medium, Tall Small Medium, Small Medium Hale Pet Doors

After 30 years of manufacturing 11 standard sizes of pet doors, Bill Hale saw a need for another size for those taller than Small Medium yet thinner than Medium dogs.

The Tall Small Medium has a passage opening of 6 ½” wide (same width as Small Medium) by 12 ½” high (same height as Medium). We recommend this new size for dogs that weigh 12-25 pounds and are 12”-15” tall.

This new size is available in all of our 10 pet door models:

  • Door Model
  • Wall Model
  • Screen Model
  • In Glass Model for Double Pane or Single Pane Glass
  • Standard Panel Insert
  • Omni Panel Insert
  • Springtech Window Model for Horizontal and Vertical Windows
  • Opti-View Window Model for Horizontal and Vertical Windows
  • Omni Window Model for Horizontal and Vertical Windows
  • Storm Window or Screen Replacement Model

If you have a narrow space for a pet door and a dog that is only 6 inches wide, the new Tall Small Medium could be the right size Hale Pet Door for you. Check out our product line at Hale Pet Door Products

Getting in Shape with Your Pets

Jack Russel Terrier lifting weights

Let your pet be your fitness coach

New Year’s Resolutions come and go, but this is a great time of year to resolve to let go of that extra baggage – for you AND your best friend.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that Americans and their pets are too well fed, resulting in overweight and obesity. Carrying too much weight can cause health problems from diabetes to heart problems to bone and joint damage for people and their pets.

Try some of these ideas to burn calories and build strong muscles and bones. Always consider your and your pet’s health and conditioning before beginning any exercise regimen. If you’re not sure that you or your pet is healthy enough to workout, contact your physician or veterinarian.

Too Cold and Icy for a Run?

If you live where winter becomes an impediment to your outdoor exercise schedule and your gym doesn’t allow dogs, consider a brisk walk in the park instead of running along icy roads. When you walk in snow, you’ll be using more energy than on a smooth road, so your walk can turn into a calorie burner for you and your dog.

Turn Training into Indoor Fun and Exercise

Whether your dog needs to learn Stay and Come commands or could use some practice, you can turn training into a game while you both get some exercise.

If you have carpeted stairs you and your dog (or cat) can get some extra aerobic exercise. Just ask your dog to Stay while you race up the stairs (or down the hall, or across the yard) then call her to Come. Praise her lavishly while you reward her with a treat and repeat until you’re both breathing hard.

When your pet gets good at Stay, you can turn it into a game of Hide and Seek by using the Stay command or distracting him with a few treats while you hide then give the Come command or whistle to get him searching for you. If you have helpers at home, they can hold or distract your cat or dog while you hide then give the Find and your name command to teach another behavior.

If your pet is in better shape than you, a game of fetch can stretch out muscles and create those feel good endorphins that will make your pet happy and relaxed when the game is over.

Make Getting in Shape Fun

Just the thought of exercise can make you tired, but if you make working out a game for you and your pets, you’ll both enjoy getting in shape.

And don’t forget to get a Hale Pet Door to make sure that your pets are healthy and happy in 2014!

Help Us Help the Victims of the Colorado Springs Wildfire


Photo courtesy of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

Hale Pet Door is doing its part to help during this devastating season of Colorado wildfires, which is affecting residents and their pets.

To help the evacuated pets of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs, we’ll donate $1 to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (a Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards partner) for every LIKE on our Facebook page. Hale hopes to donate up to $500. Please show your support and LIKE and SHARE the post. Let’s see how fast we can donate $500! FollowImage the link at the right to quickly find our Facebook page.

On June 28 the staff of Hale Pet Door’s corporate office in Canon City, Colo., donated food and other needed items, which will go to Care and Share in Colorado Springs for disbursement to people who are evacuated. As the need for donations will not end this week but will be continuous, we intend to put together another food drive next week to help residents of Woodland Park, Colorado, who also were forced to evacuate their community.

And lastly, our SEO/SEM marketing director Jan Evans will be spending most of the first week of July volunteering on behalf of Hale Pet Door to help horses. Jan is a certified equine acupressure practitioner and plans to use her unique gift working with horses that are in evacuation centers in Colorado Springs.

Welcome to Hale Pet Door Pet Tips

Because we love our pets as much as you love yours, at Hale Pet Door we’re always looking for better ways to care for them, to help our pets live better, be happier, and stay healthy.

As you know, pet doors are one way to ensure pet health.  Because even if we don’t get home on time, we know that they can get outdoors to answer nature’s call.  We don’t have to worry if they are “holding it” which can lead to urinary and digestive health problems.

So in the future you can look forward to topics about

  • Choosing the best dog or cat for your family, especially considering rescuing a pet
  • Choosing the best pet door for your pet
  • Keeping your pets and home secure
  • Training tips for your pets
  • Answers to questions received from our customers
  • And more…

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