Ramp Worksheet

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Standard Features

Standard Options

(depth will be as follows: SM=7", M=9", L=12", XL=15", G=17")
If you select Yes for both options above, your ramp configuration will look like the below graphic.

Ramp Placement & Attachments

Railing is recommended with your ramp height and parallel placement!

Standard ramp placement is perpendicular to the house wall or barrier (see picture). Ramp can also be placed parallel to the wall or barrier but this option requires a different attachment and support method. Please note which option you are choosing above. (NOTE: If your ramp is running parallel to your house but is attached to a barrier, please check the perpendicular option above.)

Ramp Attachment

Custom Sizing & Options

(pricing varies with options chosen)

Fill in the blanks for each measurement—if you do not need a landing or a foot, B and/or D may be ignored – ramp length and slope determined by other measurements

Custom Options

Height above ramp surface:

Finished height/rise desired: