Make Your Home Page

Please follow the instructions below depending on which browser and operating system you are using:

Internet Explorer

Click on the Tools menu. When the drop-down menu appears, select Internet Options. The Internet Options dialog box will now be open. Click on the General tab of the dialog box. Locate the Home page section and type in the Address text box. Close the dialog box by clicking on OK button. Your home page is now HalePetDoor.


Drag this link onto your Home button to make HalePetDoor your Home Page.

Chrome on Windows

Click the Customize and Control icon (the wrench) in the top right and select Options from the drop down.

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On the Basic Tab, enter in the Page->Open this page: box. To save your changes, click the Close button at the bottom of the window.

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Chrome (Linux or Mac)

Click on the Chrome menu, located on the left upper corner of your browser window. When the drop-down menu appears, select the option labeled Preferences. The Google Chrome Preferences dialog should now be displayed. Click on the Basics tab if it is not already selected.

In the midddle of the dialog is the Home page section. Select the second choice, labeled Open this page, and enter Close the dialog and you are set.


Click on Safari on your Safari menu, located at the top of your screen. When the drop-down menu appears, select the option Preferences. Click on the Basics tab if it is not already selected.

Towards the middle of the dialog is a Home page label and an edit field containing your current home page to its right. Enter instead and close the dialog. HalePetDoor is now your new Home page.