Rescue Rewards Group of the Week - January 30, 2012

Connecticut resident Holly Chasin started "The Little Pink Shelter" in order to find homes for dogs from shelters in the South. 




Puppy Love: a pup rescued from a shelter meets its new “mom.”


The Little Pink Shelter Uniting Families and Dogs

Based in Connecticut, our Rescue Rewards partner The Little Pink Shelter was started by two friends in 2008, united by breast cancer and their love of dogs. Their battles with breast cancer behind them, these women joined forces to help shelter dogs from Southern states find adoptive homes in the Northeast.

One of the rescue’s co-founders is no longer active, but Holly Chasin of Westport continues as director.  She says that adopting her own dog Jack from an Arkansas shelter inspired her to start The Little Pink Shelter.   "It kept my mind off the (cancer) treatment," explained Chasin, who has rescued over 750 dogs.

The Little Pink Shelter is a “virtual” shelter with dogs posted at, as well as  Photos and information on the dogs are posted, and potential adopters complete an extensive online application and screening process.  Once the reference check is complete, the dogs are transported to a meeting place along Highway 95 in Connecticut.  Then what Chasin refers to as “the love fest” begins, when adoptive families meet their new dogs. Tears of joy are met with wagging tails.

Chasin unites several shelter dogs with adoptive families every two weeks.  Because her rescue is web-based, adopters come from all over the East Coast.  Chasin works with shelters and dog foster families in Arkansas and Tennessee.  She said  shelters and rescue organizations in the South are at maximum capacity because many people don't spay or neuter their pets.   The dogs that she rescues range from mixed breeds to purebred dogs and range in age from 8-week-old puppies to older dogs. 

She encourages people interested in adding a pet to their family to adopt a shelter dog rather than purchase a dog from a pet store or breeder.  "These are dogs that don't have a chance otherwise; thousands of dogs are put to sleep every week.  When you rescue a dog, you're saving a life."

The Little Pink Shelter can be found at  or by contacting Holly Chasin at