• We're Going Green 06-01-11
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    In an effort to keep up with the ever changing way that people consume information and to be more environmentally friendly, Hale Pet Door has decided to discontinue producing our "Ins and Outs" newsletter. This required printing to be easily read and was only produced occasionally. Instead we invite you to visit our Facebook page or our two blogs: or

  • INS AND OUTS Volume 8, Issue 2 04-14-11
    Read about some special Hale Pet Door Rescue Rewards Partners.

  • INS AND OUTS, Volume 8, Issue 1 01-17-11
    Facebook friends
    Read about what Hale is doing on Facebook.

  • INS AND OUTS, Volume 7, Issue 4 10-01-10
    Find out about a special Rescue Rewards partner who helps handicapped people as well as dogs.

  • INS AND OUTS Volume 7, Issue 3 07-01-10
    Newsletter7 10
    What's it like at a home show or pet show? Read on to find out.

  • INS AND OUTS Volume 7, Issue 2 04-26-10
    Newsletter4 10
    Read about the new kennel door addition to our product line.

  • INS AND OUTS Volume 7, Issue 1 12-21-09
    Newsletter1 10
    Learn about Hale's innovative new product to protect your feline friend

  • INS AND OUTS Volume 6, Issue 3 06-30-08
    Newsletter6 08
    Hale's Arizona franchise moves from Glendale to Peoria.

  • INS AND OUTS Volume 4, Issue 4 09-30-06
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    Hale moved its coporate offices into a new larger location. Celebrate with us as we spend one year in our new headquarters