Sydnee from San Antonio, Texas
Sydnee - San Antonio, Texas
Hi, my name is Sydnee May Potts. Sydnee for short, but daddy always calls me Baby Girl. I love to watch the Dallas Cowboys with dad and make sure I'm always the center of attention. There is no picture time too long or too much as far as I'm concerned! Ignore the dork boy in the back that pesters me all day. I'm going to be 9 in August and am 140 pounds which is a little more than the 120 pounds I'm supposed to be, but daddy always treats me like his little princess so don't go there about the weight or I'll go lay down away from you and turn my back in your direction. I'm the firstborn in the household so don't forget it! We get to stay indoors whenever we want and have our own 7' couch - that is when dork boy doesn't hog it all. I had two litters of pups before I met daddy. My former owners were breeders and showers of both Great Danes and pesky little packs of Chihuahuas. I loved my daddy at first sight and jumped in his lap when I met him. Sometimes, he even dances with me.