Rocky, a Great Dane from San Antonio, Texas
Rocky - San Antonio, Texas
Hi, my name is Rocky Magnus Quintus Smith. Rocky for short, but daddy calls me his Lil' Boy and er uh Blockhead, Knothead, Dork, and Silly Boy - but I know my name is ROCKY really! The Cowboys are cool but it gets old real quick because I WANT THE FOOTBALL DAD! I do have a Kong football and it's really cool. I can catch anything dad throws my way but dang it, we never get what he's eating <sigh>. Pictures are fine - but don't ask me to sit still because there are just way too many adventures to be had. Not to mention patrolling my yard to keep those pesky cats out. Ahhhh, the sweet freedom to play all day and be able to get outside quicker to chase cats away. Ignore Sydnee (previous pet of the week), she is ALWAYS the drama queen, but at least she occasionally plays with me. I can beat daddy at wrestling now! I'm the King but still the playful pup. I'm just turned 5 in May and I'm 190 pounds and even though I'm a couple of inches taller than normal, I'm still not as big as my sire who was 220 pounds. Oh, dad says Magnus is Latin for large in honor of my sire, and Quintus is Latin for fifth because I'm his fifth Great Dane. Yeah, you can hear her (Sydnee) in the background AGAIN saying she's fourth - she's the firstborn - YATTA YATTA YATTA! Oh yeah, I love when company comes over because chicks dig my blue eyes and that always makes dad chuckle. I think he's the dork sometimes - but I love the big guy!