Tillie, Pine Vista, Colorado
Tillie - Pine Vista, Colorado
Okay so for the last few weeks you met my sisters Chili and Millie, both Labrador retrievers.  Mom is definitely a softie for labs.  It wouldn't surprise me if she brings another one home someday.  But don't let them fool you.  I am the queen of this castle.  Of course, I go hiking with them.  Someone has to keep an eye on those two (well, three, if you count Mom.)  But I'm smart enough not to go jumping in the river with them.  I wouldn't want to get my fur wet.  It's much better to hide in an empty bag on the counter and keep an eye on them from a distance.  I have to admit I do love them though and especially Mom.  I even bring her birds and mice all the time as a way to show her I care.  Sometimes I don't think she likes them though.  I can't figure that one out.  I love them.  Uh oh! Here come those two dogs.  I better snuggle a little deeper into this sack so they can't see me.  Shhhhhh!  Don't tell them I'm here.