Yogi and BooBoo - Lombard, IL

Hi our names are Yogi (lying down) and BooBoo (standing).  We are both Akitas who live with Antoinette in Lombard, Illinois.  It gets kind of cold here and mom didn't want to leave us outside all day since we didn't have a shelter.  But we definitely didn't want to come inside in the morning before she went to work.  We learned how to open the interior door to go outside but then we were at the mercy of our people to let us back in.

So mom bought us a Hale Pet Door.  She says it's the best thing she ever did.  We both learned how to use it in about an hour and we definitely think we are special because we have our own door now.  Mom was concerned about how well it would keep cold air from the house, but it is very well insulated and the double panel door makes a big difference.

Mom and Dad and both of us are very satisfied with our door and we were so glad to hear that the Humane Society of Pikes Peak received a donation from Hale Pet Door because of us.  It's a win, win, win for everybody.