Dixie and Gunner - Woodbury, MN

Dixie (left), a labrador retriever, and Gunner (right) a labrador/bloodhound mix are both rescued pets who live with Sue and her husband in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Sue says: "Both of our labs are the luvs of our lives . . . my husband and I spend as much time with them as we can (I work from a home office, so I’m with them all day). Our children are adults (finally!) and we so enjoy the extra freedom to be able to hike on the weekends with the dogs and, of course, there’s always that wonderful bonus of having them so happy to see us every time we come home."

Dixie was adopted from the local animal shelter and Gunner was adopted as an unwanted puppy from a litter of lab/bloodhound mixes who was destined for the animal shelter but rescued before he got there.  Both they and their owners love their new Hale Pet Door.