Willow, Holly Ann, and Clint - Canon City, CO

Willow, Holly Ann, and Clint

Meet Willow, Holly Ann, and Clint, three beautiful Shelties from Canon City, Colorado.  They make a striking picture with their three different colorings.  They live with their parents, Tim and Linda, who volunteer with Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue, a Hale Rescue Rewards partner.  They also share their home with six rescue cats including "Tiny" (who isn't) and "Wild Thing" a former feral cat who now has a luxurious home in a kennel outside with a custom Hale Pet Door window model with a tunnel to allow access to the home.  Willow (the blue merle coat sheltie on the left) is a herder who get very frustrated when humans just don't let her herd them while Holly Ann (the sable and white coat in the middle) is a little more withdrawn and Clint (the black factored sable and white on the right) is the designated greeter and watchdog of the family. Meet more of their rescue buddies at Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue and maybe bring home your new best friend today.