Lola, Oakley and Charley - Parker, Colorado

Lola, Oakley, Charley - Parker, Colorado

Lola is a 6 year old Airedale Terrier and was rescued 4 years ago by Barbi and Bob in Parker, Colorado.  Her full name is Lolapita Lolita Conchita Marguerita Smith! Smitty for short! She's a delightful dog and what a set of ears! Not that she bothers to listen to you with them.  :)  

Oakley el Diablo al Maximus or Oakley for short is a 2 year old Airedale. 

And finally, Mr. Charles Beauregard Maxim or Charley!  He is a 9 year old Orange Airedale and very protective of mom!

They just love their new Hale Pet Door and it can even stand up to 3 airedales trying to use it at the same time!