Doro - Chandler, AZ

Her full name is Sono Grato Doro Third Time's A Charm, as her mother Joya required two artificial inseminations and then a natural insemination to become pregnant. Joya delivered eight other pups with Doro.

Marcia G. is the breeder. She has lost two Goldens to cancer in the past few years. Likewise, my last two rescued Goldens died of cancer at an early age as well. All four were bred in the USA.

Marcia did a lot of research and found that the American blood lines are experiencing 75% death due to cancer. She went to Wales to obtain Joya and to Italy for two other dogs.There blood lines have less than 20% death due to cancer.

Sono Grato means "I am very grateful" in Italian and is the "official" name she uses. Doro should be d'oro, or golden, in Italian, as Doro was the darkest of the first nine pups. They are European Cream Golden Retrievers.

I am training Doro to be a registered Therapy Dog with Pet Partners, as I did with my last two Goldens who died from cancer.

We needed a wall-mount doggy door and the Hale door is certainly top-of-the-line in quality. Their instruction manual was easy to follow. Doro handles our door-mounted doggy doors at another house with ease. She is still a little concerned about passing through the two flaps of the wall-mount door. But, with her food bowl placed outside, hunger over-powered fear!Doro is getting used to the two flap wall door.

Daniel F. - Chandler, Arizona