Max the cat
Max - Phoenix, Arizona
Hello! My name is Max. As you can plainly see I am a cat and I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I am 3 1/2 years old and I live with my people and my friend "Little Bit" in Phoenix, Arizona. You got to meet Little Bit before but now it's my turn. I am a very friendly feline unless you bother me too much, then I have a tendency to get rough. I'm sure you can tell from my portrait that I am a big kitty cat. I weigh just under 23 lbs. But I have always been a big cat. Even when I was little my head was twice as big as my body. My people used to call me "big head" when I was a kitten. I am definitely an indoor cat. And I'm proud to say I never venture outside alone. The only thing I really don't like is going to the vet. My owner has to struggle to get me to go. Remember I'm a big guy! But he puts me in a laundry basket and throws a towel over the top and eventually gets me there. I know I'm a strange cat but I do have my ways just like all animals.