Nicholas the greyhound
Nicholas - Phoenix, Arizona
Nicholas came to us in late 2002 from Arizona Adopt a Greyhound. He is the second retired racer to join our family. When he first arrived, we were amazed at the gentleness of his nature. He was so patient with our 4-year-old daughter when she came over to pat him or play with his ears. He calmly allowed our other greyhound, who, admittedly, tends to be a little pushy, to run the show. He seemed content to lie on his couch cushion and let the world go by. We fell in love with him immediately! Never have we known such a mild-mannered dog. He is a true gift to our family. We understand he was quite the racer in his day, and occasionally we see him get up and run around the yard at great speed as he chases one of the other dogs or plays with the children. The rest of the time he is truly a couch potato, ready to be pampered. They call greyhounds the "potato chip" dog because you can never have just one. We have definitely found this to be true. Our experience with these wonderful dogs has hooked us for life.