Mickee the Keeshond
Mickee - Canon City, Colorado
Hello, my name is Astrokees Magic Myst McCoy but you can call me “Mickee”. I am a keeshond. My breed is known for working as barge dogs in Holland in the past, but I live a pretty cushy life in Canon City, Colorado. I am a great family companion and a good watchdog. I consider it my job to keep all the cats out of my backyard and I am good at scrambling out the dog door and flying off the back porch to bark at them. I tolerate the two cats, Dusty and Tinkerbelle, that I have to share my house with but I am definitely “king of the castle". I hate getting a bath but I look so good afterward, I guess it’s worth it. Well, I must be off to chase cats, chew bones, bark at passing cars, run up and down the hallway, and all those other things a busy dog must accomplish. Bye for now.