Mojo the dog
Mojo - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hello! My name is Mojo. I am a part Shepherd/part Akita mix and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Akitas were originally bred to be nannies to the Japanese royal family and true to my heritage, I am very gentle and very dignified. I was a rescued dog and it took me a year and a half to allow my owner to brush me because I had been so abused. But now I am a very happy dog and can knock you over with love. I hate to brag but I am very well trained and I won't even bark when all the other neighborhood dogs are acting nuts. I just love visiting my friend, Millie, (she's a black lab who lives in Colorado) and roaming the mountains with her. You'll probably get to meet her here in a few months. I posed for this picture on her back deck. Doesn't she have a great view! You might not be able to tell from my picture but I'm a very big boy and I love having my huge yard to run around in.