Rescue Organization Details

Safe at Last Lab Rescue

Address:P.O. Box 36
Fultonham, New York 12071
Breeds:Labrador Retriever, **Various Breeds
Notes:Safe At Last Animal Rescue, Inc. is an all-volunteer 501c3 not-for-profit corporation dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals. Every day, staggering numbers of wonderful animals are discarded in shelters across the country. Irresponsible pet ownership -- be it the failure to spay/neuter or a lack of commitment -- results in a tragic loss of life every hour of every day in shelters across the U.S. We feel these animals need a voice. It is Safe At Last's mission to help ease the suffering, as well as stop it at its source. We do this by taking animals into our organization from shelters across the country. We do not have a centralized facility. Rather, we foster these animals in our own homes, providing them with proper veterinary care, good food, warmth and love. And then, when they are ready, we match them with wonderful forever families that will make a commitment -- forever, for life.