Rescue Organization Details

Greyhound Friends for Life

Address:PO Box 549
Fulton, California 95439-8861
Breeds:Greyhound/Italian Greyhound
Notes:Greyhound Friends for Life is a nonprofit, volunteer greyhound rescue, adoption, and advocacy organization, dedicated to finding loving and qualified homes in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California for former racing greyhounds. The reward for adopters is the joy of sharing their homes with an affectionate, loyal, and grateful companion who will be a friend for life. The majority of greyhounds in our program are 2 to 4 years old. While finding forever homes for these ex racers is our primary mission, we are also committed to finding homes for any greyhounds found in shelters and providing long-term foster care for older greyhounds coming from breeding farms or other situations. Although some of our dogs are placed in foster homes, the majority are in our foster kennel in Auburn. Because the welfare of the racing greyhound is compromised at every turn for financial gain, Greyhound Friends for Life does not accept greyhound industry funding; we believe that to support a system of animal exploitation to which we are unalterably opposed would undermine our effectiveness and ethics.