Rescue Organization Details

Habitat for Cats

Address:P.O. Box 25637
Rochester, New York 14625
Notes:Originally founded to build huts/shelters (a.k.a. "habitats") for feral cats, Habitat for Cats was established in 1999 to help relieve the suffering of feral and homeless cats, who have been called "the most neglected animal in the animal humane network." Our focus now is to reduce cat overpopulation by implementing a trap-neuter-return [TNR] program and to educate the public on the benefits of this non-lethal method of population control. Habitat for Cats [HFC] changed its focus so as to better concentrate its time and efforts to a more effective goal: spaying/neutering feral cats to overcome the feral cat overpopulation in our area. As more cats are euthanized at animal shelters than any other species, feral cats (which are the largest source of feline overpopulation) are unfortunately a significant portion of these euthanizations. We are an all-volunteer group totally dependent upon goodwill and donations to reduce the feral cat overpopulation by using a humane solution, called Trap-Neuter-Return [TNR], to try to decrease their numbers.