Rescue Organization Details

New Beginnings for Merced County Animals

Address:6065 Vine Avenue
Winton, California 95388
Breeds:Cat, **Various Breeds
Notes:Our mission is to create a new standard in rescue operation with education and community involvement to end the suffering of animals who are lost, abandoned, or given up to the Merced County shelter. New Beginnings for Animals – Merced is uniquely well-positioned to accomplish this goal by focusing on our three primary activities: Transporting large numbers of animals out of the Merced shelter Treating sick/injured abandoned animals and making them available for adoption AND working to fund a spay/neuter program in the Merced area to address the root of the overpopulation problem–sterilizing dogs and cats to stop the litters of unwanted animals that are overloading the shelters and rescues. Please note New Beginnings for Animals Merced County does not have a facility…we are a group of volunteers working out of our homes. All animals are kept in foster homes where available.