Rescue Organization Details

Pet Rescue Center

Address:83-496 Avenue 51
Coachella, California 92236
Breeds:Cat, **Various Breeds
Notes:No-kill shelter for dogs and cats. Director Christine Madruga started this non-profit, no-kill facility that rescues and cares for abandoned or lost animals. Since March 13, 1998, Christine and those who work closely with her have placed over 6,033 dogs and 7,050 cats into loving homes. The Pet Rescue Center is run with volunteers, local veterinarians and a certified obedience trainer. Not only do we rescue animals, we provide medical treatment and proper training to ensure they are placed with the right owners. We started our dream on March 13, 1998 with four cages in the back of Valley Animal Clinic. In 1999, we moved with Valley Animal Clinic into a 700 square foot room provided for us. As the need to rescue more animals increased, so did our need for more space. In order to provide the proper care of these animals, we moved into a 1,200 square foot space in 2001, which we have outgrown once again.