Rescue Organization Details

St. Joseph Animal Shelter

Address:701 Lower Lake Road
Saint Joseph, Missouri 64504
Breeds:Cat, **Various Breeds
Notes:Friends of the Animal Shelter of St. Joseph, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Cathy Madsen with the guidance of Rick Smith, Manager of the St. Joseph Animal Control & Rescue Shelter at the time. In August 2000, the group had its first meeting. Over a decade later, The Friends of the Animal Shelter, are more than 40 volunteers strong. We are a select group of people from all walks of life - our common bond being a genuine concern for animal welfare. The work we do is not for everyone. Many who start out with us find it difficult to continue due to the many emotionally challenging aspects of volunteering at the Animal Shelter. More times than one can imagine, the appalling condition of animals brought in to the Shelter by concerned citizens, their owners or Staff is shocking; and yet the animals continue to give back unconditional love - their spirits are truly amazing. Our group’s mission is to support all aspects of work done by the Animal Shelter Staff. This includes working to increase animal adoption and redemption rates while minimizing the number of euthanized animals; educating our community regarding animal care and welfare issues; and helping care for the medical needs of all sick and injured animals that come through the Animal Shelter.