Rescue Organization Details

Westies In Need

Address:109 Lorne Ave.
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, None L3Y 6P2
Breeds:Westie / West Highland Terrier
Notes:Westies in Need (WiN) is a Canadian group that provides rescue, fostering, transport, medical attention and adoption services for surrendered, abused, abandoned, neglected, and/or homeless West Highland White Terriers in Ontario and Quebec. We are the largest Westie rescue organization in Canada. Our mission is to: rescue Westies, get immediate medical attention to those in need, foster Westies in a safe, attentive environment, find them loving and forever homes and to also educate the general public to the need for spaying and neutering dogs and the perils of puppy mills. We advocate an end to the operation of puppy mills, pet store animal sales, and the neglect and abuse of these precious dogs.