Rescue Organization Details

Galgo Podenco Support

Address:c/o SEE, 23532 Calabasas Rd., Ste. A
Calabasas, California 91302
Breeds:Greyhound/Italian Greyhound
Notes:Every year in Spain, thousands of galgos and podencos are abandoned, abused and slaughtered after a short, recreational hunting season. Galgo Podenco Support works side by side with Spanish shelters for the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of these dogs. Galgo Podenco Support (GPS), a volunteer non-profit entity, was established to support the Spanish licensed charity groups that rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned and abused galgos and podencos. Inspired by the tireless efforts of those on the front lines, GPS offers assistance in the way of financial support, practical help, and facilitation of adoptions to the US.