Rescue Organization Details

Florida Yorkie Rescue, Inc.

Address:2740 SW Martin Downs Blvd, #205
Palm City, Florida 34990
Breeds:Yorkshire Terrier
Notes:The mission of Florida Yorkie Rescue is to rescue Yorkies, Yorkie mixes and Malteses regardless of age or additional handicaps that may be associated with aging or birth defects. We never discriminate on the basis of health or age. We pledge to promote responsible pet ownership through humane education and to provide shelter and care to our foster dogs until a loving, responsible home can be found. To evaluate each dog and potential home with the goal of matching our dogs to the best possible home. We also provide life-long, quality sanctuary for yorkies that may be too old or ill for adoption. This organization is made up entirely of people who volunteer their time and money to foster and place these little dogs in caring, loving homes. Almost all the dogs that come into Florida Yorkie Rescue need rehabilitation and training and we seek out medical care or alternative methods if traditional treatments do not work. All dogs that come into Florida Yorkie Rescue will be neutered or spayed and vaccinated.