Rescue Organization Details

Animal Adoption League

Address:P.O. Box 2453
Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732
Contact:(803) 325-8282
Breeds:Cat, **Various Breeds
Notes:The Animal Adoption League was started in 1992 by a group of individuals concerned by the growing number of animals in our area dying at shelters (not necessarily humanely), dying or injured on our streets and highways or trying to survive on whatever scraps of food they could find. They are the strays, the abused or abandoned dogs, cats, puppies and kittens who are hungry and homeless. These are the victims of human negligence, of people who allow their animals to multiply, of people who move off and leave their pets and of people who are ignorant and uncaring. Members of the League are trying to offer an alternative to animals who would otherwise have little chance for survival. The Animal Adoption League offers veterinary care, foster care and an adoption outlet for animals. Hundred of animals previously homeless are now in permanent, loving homes as a result of League efforts.