Rescue Organization Details

Racing Home Greyhound Adoption

Address:P.O. Box 43102
Phoenix, Arizona 85080
Contact:(602) 573-0940
Breeds:Greyhound/Italian Greyhound
Notes:Racing Home Greyhound Adoption is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. We run a dual adoption program - Prison trained Greys and Greys who are not trained. Mission Our mission is to find homes for retired racing greyhounds regardless of age or medical condition. We provide veterinary care and ongoing medication as needed. By placing them in a foster home as they come off the racetrack, we can provide food, shelter, training, loving and socialization to the dogs during their transition to an adoptive home. Once adopted, we provide continued support for the dog and the adoptive family to assure a successful fit. We will accept any Greyhound into our program who can no longer be cared for by the adoptive family, regardless of reason. General Information Racing Home is the adoption partner for the 2nd Chance at Life Prison Program!! We have between five and eight Greyhounds in a maximum security prison in Eloy, AZ! Each Greyhound has two inmate handlers who train them to do the basics such as sit, down, good leash manners, etc., and they also teach them special tricks like shake, high five, bowing on command, pat-down, and play dead!