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Omni Panel Pet Door

The “Hale Omni Panel™ Model” is our easiest door panel to install and remove, making it perfect for renters. It is designed to pressure fit directly into the door track of a standard height sliding glass door.  Your specified size pet door will already be installed in the frame of the panel.

We also supply a custom size Omni Lock Bar to enable the secure closure of your sliding patio door while the panel insert is installed. (NOTE: If your sliding glass door is on the outside of your stationary panel, the Omni Lock Bar will not work for your application.  However, the Omni Panel can still work for your situation. Please call us at 800-646-4773 to discuss your options before ordering.)

There are two specific considerations to keep in mind with the Omni Panel.

  • It is the recommended model to use with Andersen and Pella patio doors. (Our Standard Panel model is not compatible with Andersen and Pella.)
  • The Omni Panel is not recommended for doors over 82" high.

While this model is manufactured to your measurements, some height adjustment is required at the time of installation. A sliding plate on both the inner and outer sides of the adjustment mechanism area is provided to cover the mechanism.

As with our Standard model, the Omni Panel is custom made to your specific measurements. Please use our downloadable form to assist you in measuring before you order. Your accuracy is important. SINCE ALL PANELS ARE CUSTOM MADE, ONLY A 50% CREDIT TOWARDS THE PURCHASE OF A NEW DOOR IS ALLOWABLE ON RETURNED PRODUCTS.


 NOTE: Individual options may vary the price of your order.  Choose your options below to see customized pricing before adding to the cart.

SHIPPING AVAILABILITY: Since each panel is custom made to our customer's specifications our panels are not "in stock".  We order the glass individually for each panel so shipping can take up to two weeks.

SPECIAL SHIPPING NOTE: We can manufacture panel models in almost any height required by our customers. However, Fedex has imposed some limitations on what size of items can be shipped through it's "Ground" service. Therefore, if your panel model is over 96" in height, please call for a shipping quote to determine if there will be an additional charge added to your order.

  • Omni Panel Model Pet Door
  • Omni and Standard Panel Models Together

Have questions? Click "details" below or call us at (800) 646-4773.

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Please pick the appropriate size pet door for your pet.


Pick the number of flaps you would like on your panel model.  Standard is double flap.


A training flap is optional.  See "details" for situations when you may wish to order one.


Pick the frame color you would like for your pet door.


Please write in the overall height of your slider measured from inside one track to flush with the other track. Click "details" for more information.


Please write in the distance behind your sliding glass door when it is closed.


Please specify whether your panel unit will be installed on the sliding side or the stationary side of your patio door.

IF you choose the stationary side, BE SURE your stationary panel can be moved over toward the sliding side.


Please specify how much clearance you would like underneath your pet door.


Please specify if you would like Low E coating applied to the glass in your panel for more energy efficiency. (NOT available on single pane OptiView) NOTE: We cannot supply both Low-E and tint on the same product.


Please specify if you would like tint added to your panel model.  If you do choose tint, please specify the color you would like. NOTE: Gray tint is usually only used in business settings while bronze tint is usually used in residential settings.  We cannot supply both tint and Low-E coatings on the same product.