Storm Window Replacement Model Pet Door Info

Hale Pet Door Storm Window Replacement ModelThe Hale Pet Door™ “Storm Window Replacement Model” is designed to be installed directly into a pane of glass which in turn will fit directly into an existing storm window or storm door.

If you provide us with the measurements for an existing panel for a storm window or door (i.e. the screen panel that swaps out for the glass panel or vice versa), we will manufacture an additional glass panel containing the pet door that can then be exchanged for your current screen or glass panel whenever you desire.

This application uses single pane 3/16” tempered safety glass and an aluminum frame in our four standard color choices to make an attractive option for your pet door.

We will be happy to work with you on creating the right combination for your home. NOTE: The size of the pet door may be limited by the size of window pane being replaced. Also there are limitations on the size of window that can be shipped. Larger window units may need to be shipped via freight. Please call for quote.

Quality, energy efficiency, safety and security are priorities with Hale. As are all our models, our Storm Window Replacement Model has been rated highest in insulating and sealing capabilities, insuring protection against wind and insect intrusion.

Please visit our information page for added information on sizes, colors and other available options and then call our customer service number  at 800-646-4773 for assistance in ordering.

Available Colors: Side load Vs. Top Load

Hale Pet Door Available Frame Colors

Hale Pet Dooor Side Load vs Top Load Security Covers