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Replacement Pet Door Covers

Hale Pet Door Replacement Security CoverOur replacement covers are available in high density polyethelene in four colors in our 12 standard sizes.  We can also make custom size covers.  NOTE:  Our security cover sizes vary slightly with different models.  Please fill in the field that specifies which type of pet door you have. (The dimensions listed next to the sizes refer to the passage opening of the pet door not the cover size.)

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Please pick the appropriate size replacement cover for your pet door. NOTE: Did you  purchase your pet door prior to 2005? If so, we will need to make the cover narrower to fit the older metal track we used to use in our frames.  Please call to place your order and mention the age of your pet door.


Pick a cover to complement your pet door or your decor.

Please type in the type of pet door your have (i.e. door, wall, panel, window, in glass, etc.) as the cover size for different models may vary slightly.


Top load is standard or pick a left or right side load direction.  See "details" for a photo of side vs. top load covers.