Peaked Roof Security Barrier

The Hale Security Pet Door® Peaked Roof Security Barrier™ is an exciting new entry in our line of security products that complement our high quality pet doors.

It is designed to be installed directly in front of the pet door in your house wall, obstructing the view of the pet door as well as blocking human access. It can also be very effective at preventing unwanted animals from entering the pet door. It is available in ten standard sizes to work with all eleven sizes of our pet doors. (The "small medium" barrier is designed to work with both the "small" and "small medium" size of pet door.) It may also work with custom sized pet doors depending on the dimensions requested. However, the larger the barrier is, the less secure it becomes. It will, however, still be very effective in keeping unwanted humans and animals out of the pet door. Caution should be exercised to not make it too small for your pet's long term health.

For technical specifications and drawings we have provided a downloadable file. We also offer installation instructions for the security barrier. For your convenience we have also provided a brief product overview in our downloadable information sheet. For more details or to order a Peaked Roof Security Barrier, please call us toll free at 800-646-4773. Each Barrier Order must be accompanied by the completed PDF file order form containing the appropriate measurements for that barrier. If you would like to download and fill out this document before calling, it will make the ordering process flow more smoothly.

It has several available variations from being a simple wooden dog house covering the pet door to the fully equipped version which is outfitted with many additional upgrades adding to the functionality and security of the barrier.


Hale Pet Door dog house drawing
  • Base Model - Wood Security Barrier Only
    • No Charge Optional Extras
      • Wood Floor and Central Security Divider
      • Indoor/Outdoor Carpet In Choice of Two Colors
      • Wood Stain
      • No precut openings—customer can customize upon installation
    • Adjustable Height (5 1/2" increments—Must Specify Height When Ordering)-Price varies depending on height requested and barrier size
      • Adjustable Steel feet (2" adjustment area)
      • Wood Siding Extended Down to Ground Level
    • Additional Options Available (Price Varies Depending On Size Of Dog House Ordered)
      • 3/8" Black Starboard® Polymer Floor
      • 3/8" Black Starboard® Polymer Ramp—Various heights and lengths available
      • 3/8" Polymer Roofing Top in Black Starboard®
      • Exterior Pet Door Frame and Flap
      • Roof Alarm
      • Steel Security Frame-only recommended for use with removable roof and roof alarm

Various photos as well as detailed information and pricing for each of the above options are provided below. If you need additional information or have any questions, please call us toll free at 800-646-4773.

 Basic Wooden Dog House

Hale Pet Door security barrier with no precut openingsWith the base Dog House only model, you would receive a standard wooden dog house made with 7/8" cedar boards for the siding and the roofing. There is an opening framed out on one side for entrance into the dog house and on the back for access to the pet door in the house wall. This model is designed to simply obstruct the view of the pet door and provide additional shelter from inclement weather such as high winds, driving rain, or snow accumulation. As a no charge option, you can choose to have either no openings or only one opening precut into the ends of the dog house. (shown in photo to right) Customers choose this option to be able to customize the openings themselves upon installation. This can include height, width, shape, location, etc. or for use as a simple dog house with no opening on the back wall. We would supply a 1" cedar wood frame to finish the opening during installation. As another option we can also cut the opening for the pet passage into the front of the dog house and leave the back panel (against the house wall) open as well. However, as this option would affect the internal passage through the security barrier, its sizing is slightly different from the dimensions listed below. 

Finish Options

This wooden dog house can either be purchased (at no extra charge) stained in a natural cedar wood finish or left unpainted and unstained. A homeowner could then choose to paint the dog house as desired, (i.e. to match the exact paint and trim colors of the people house) or finish the exterior in any manner they choose (i.e. stucco the sides, shingles on the roof, etc.)

Hale Pet Door security barrier finish options

Optional Height Adjustment, Flooring and Ramps

The base model can come with or without a wooden floor (see left picture below) at no additional charge and is designed to be placed on the ground next to your house. (see left picture above) If your pet door is installed too high in your wall for this option to work, we do offer a supplementary feature which includes adjustable feet and a raised internal floor (see rear view center picture above) to enable the dog house to line up correctly with your pet door opening. When ordering the raised height floor, a wooden skirt is added to the dog house so that the sides of the dog house reach the ground while the interior floor and passageway are above ground level. We also offer an optional ramp for ease of access for your pet. If you purchase the wooden dog house with adjustable feet and a raised floor, you will receive wooden legs attached to the basic structure with metal inserts in the bottom to allow for up to 2" of adjustment. If you choose the ramp it is made of 3/8" black Starboard® polymer for added durability. (see right picture above showing ramp leading to our shelter barrier) The floor may also be upgraded to 3/8" black polymer. (see center picture below--white polymer shown for visibility only) You may also choose to have us add indoor/outdoor carpet in either gray or brown to the floor, the ramp, or both at no additional charge. (see gray carpet in right picture below) This would lessen any slickness that might arise from wet paws but it would necessitate cleaning the carpet occasionally.

Hale Pet Door adjustable height, floor, ramp for security barrier

 Exterior Pet Door Frame and Flap

As pictured at left, it is also possible to add an additional Hale Pet Door Exterior frame and flap to the outside opening of the dog house to provide even more protection from the elements. Your pet may choose to use the dog house as an actual shelter rather than just a passage to his pet door. This frame is available in our four standard colors and the flap is a clear PVC vinyl.

Roof Alarm

As an extra bonus, the wood barrier can also be outfitted with an audible alarm that is attached to the roof of the barrier. If anyone tries to move the barrier from in front of the pet door, the roof panels will detach and the alarm will sound until deactivated. (shown in interior picture with gray carpet above) Alternately, this alarm function can also be incorporated into your home's security system if desired.

Steel Security Frame

If you choose to purchase the removable roof and roof alarm as noted above, you may wish to consider our Steel Security frame option. This steel gridwork is designed to fit down into the top of the security barrier under the roof. This steel grid work frame is welded for strength and is designed to make it nearly impossible for a human to access the pet door through the barrier and therefore the house through the pet door. (see steel gridwork in polymer floor picture above)

Hale Pet Door Security Barrier wooden dividerCentral Security Divider

One outstanding feature of the security barrier is the inclusion of a sturdy center divider that blocks visual and physical access to the pet door. This means that a human would not even be able to see that there is a pet door in the house wall and would not be able to access it. The barrier and divider are designed so that a dog can weave through the barrier and access the pet door while a human cannot bend in that manner. The divider itself is made in either one or two pieces that can be adjusted into different positions to accommodate stockier or leaner dogs. Obviously the wider the divider, the more difficult it would be for a human to fit between the divider and the side of the dog house. The standard wooden barrier comes with a wooden security divider. Its size and placement vary depending on the size of barrier ordered. (See the picture to the left.) See the diagram below for how the pet would access his door with the wooden side entrance barrier or the optional front entrance.

Hale Pet Door Security Barrier Divider graphic

General Sizing and Pricing Information

The Hale Security Barrier comes in ten standard sizes with custom sizes available. The overall exterior dimensions of the ten standard sizes of the dog house are as follows:


A-Overall height
of roof peak

B-Overall height of
inner barrier
(without roof)
C-Width* D-Length* Hale Pet Door security barrier measurements graphic
Small Medium 24 5/8" 17 5/8" 15 1/2" 19 3/4"
Medium 29 7/8" 22 7/8" 19 1/2" 25 3/4"
Tall Medium 35 3/8" 28 3/8" 20 1/2" 27 3/4"
Large 35 3/8" 28 3/8" 21 1/2" 29 3/4"
Tall Large 40 7/8" 33 7/8" 22 1/2" 31 3/4"
Tall Large Plus 40 7/8" 33 7/8" 23 1/2" 33 3/4"
Extra Tall Large 46 1/4" 39 1/4" 24 1/2" 35 3/4"
Extra Large 40 7/8" 33 7/8" 23 1/2" 33 3/4"
Extra Large Plus 40 7/8" 33 7/8" 24 1/2" 35 3/4"
Giant 46 1/4" 39 1/4" 25 1/2" 37 3/4"

*-These two dimensions may be reversed depending on the orientation of your security barrier in relation to your house.


The internal dimensions of the ten standard sizes of the security barrier are as follows:

A-Overall Width
Parallel to House

to House

C-Internal Passage Opening
Between Security Divider
and Front Wall
Hale Pet Door security barrier internal dimensions graphic
Small Medium 16 1/4" 12" 7 3/8"
Medium 22 1/4" 16" 11 3/8"
Tall Medium 24 1/4" 17" 12 3/8"
Large 26 1/4" 18" 13 3/8"
Tall Large 28 1/4" 19" 14 3/8"
Tall Large Plus 30 1/4" 20" 15 3/8"
Extra Tall Large 32 1/4" 21" 16 3/8"
Extra Large 30 1/4" 20" 15 3/8"
Extra Large Plus 32 1/4" 21" 16 3/8"
Giant 34 1/4" 22" 17 3/8"

For your convenience we have provided a price list for the basic unit as well as the various options. However, due to the customized nature of this product, we ask that you call us toll free at 800-646-4773 to place your order or if you have any questions or need further information.



Item / Option Small
Medium Tall
Large Tall
Wood Barrier Only (includes steel feet with
2" adjustment capability for leveling purposes)
$440 $473 $506 $539 $556 $572 $589 $605 $638 $671
Wood Floor / Divider n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c
Wood Stain n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c
Adjustable Height—skirting added in 5 1/2"
increments (price listed is per increment)
$39 $44 $50 $55 $61 $66 $72 $77 $83 $88
Steel Security Frame-only recommended for use with removable roof and alarm (includes wood floor, security divider, and adjustable steel feet) $385 $410 $430 $451 $457 $462 $468 $479 $484 $495
3/8" Black Polymer Floor $50 $59 $69 $79 $89 $99 $109 $119 $129 $139
3/8" Black Polymer Ramp (Available in 3", 6", 12", 18" or 24" rises)–Price varies with rise height $40- $196 $43- $221 $43- $221 $46- $253 $46- $253 $46- $253 $46- $253 $51- $296 $51- $296 $53- $319
3/8" Black Polymer Roof $66 $77 $90 $103 $116 $129 $142 $154 $167 $180
Indoor / Outdoor Carpet on Floor and Ramp
choice of dark gray or dark brown
n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c n/c
Exterior Pet Door (Outside Frame & Flap) $97 $119 $143 $158 $174 $210 $231 $207 $232 $266
Roof Alarm $44 $44 $44 $44 $44 $44 $44 $44 $44 $44
Complete Security Dog House with all Options
(not including adjustable height or ramp)
$1082 $1182 $1282 $1374 $1436 $1516 $1583 $1608 $1694


Complete Wooden Dog House Only with all Options (not including adjustable height or ramp) $697 $772 $852 $923 $979 $1054 $1115 $1129 $1210 $1300