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Vinyl Weather Stripping

When installing a pet door insert unit next to a sliding glass door or in a sliding window, the door or window no longer closes all the way and leaves a gap between the two sections which would allow air flow into the house.  We provide pieces of vinyl weatherstripping with your panel or window unit that can be applied to either the leading or back edges (or top or bottom edges) of sliding doors and windows to seal the gap left when a pet door unit is installed. The correct length was originally supplied with your pet door unit upon the initial purchase.  Should this weatherstripping wear out, you can order additional weatherstripping to replace it.  However you will need to specify the length you require as it varies for each individual unit. Simply remove the color strip (shown in green below) which protects the adhesive and apply to the desired location.

vinyl weather stripping with green adhesive strip

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Hale Pet Door Vinyl Weather StrippingVinyl weather stripping is to be applied to the leading or back edges of sliding doors and windows to seal the gap left when a pet door unit is installed.  Please specify the length you require. NOTE: Maximum length of a strip is 96".  If you require more than 96", please note the total length you desire. You will receive the weatherstripping in 96" increments.