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Gray Nylon Weather Stripping

Flexible, fuzzy gray nylon weather stripping is designed to be slid into the tracks that are built on the sides of the Omni Panel Model, the sides of the Horizontal Omni and SpringTech Window Models and the top and bottom of the Vertical Omni and SpringTech Window Model.  It can also be used inside the Standard Panel Locking Strip which is attached to the leading edge of a sliding glass door.

We pre-install the correct length(s) of weatherstripping in all of these locations but occasionally they will wear out and need to be replaced.  Should you need to replace any of your gray nylon weatherstripping, please indicate the length you require in inches.

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Hale Pet Door Gray Nylon Weather StrippingGray nylon weather stripping is used to seal the sides of the Omni Panel Models and horizontal Omni Window Models and the tops and bottoms of the vertical Omni Window Models.  Please specify the length you require.