Rescue Rewards Program

Help support your rescue organization while offering your new pet the freedom to come and go as he pleases by purchasing a Hale Pet Door™, the most energy efficient, attractive and secure pet door on the market.

Redeem this completed rescue rewards coupon by calling the telephone number below and you will receive a 10% discount off the purchase price of a Hale Pet Door product; and in turn, Hale will donate 10% back to your rescue organization. You can order via our website at and let us know that you adopted from this group in the appropriate section of the order form.

Hale's quality pet doors come in 10 models and 12 standard sizes with custom sizing available and four color choices - Brushed Aluminum, White, Dark Bronze and Arizona Beige. To meet the standards of Hale Pet Door™, all of our doors are constructed of only the highest quality materials. We are pleased to offer pet-friendly security solutions that are viable alternatives to electronic pet doors. We also have security barriers to help prevent intrusion of unwanted animals and humans.

For additional information, pricing and ordering, call
toll free 888-293-6411 
or visit our web site at

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