Dealer Dashboard Instructions

For many years now our website has been designed to have extra information available only to our dealers and not the general public.  This includes more models you can order like our in-glass model and lots of information and resources available to you under the “Dealer Dashboard”.  There you could find documents, videos, photos, manuals and online testing to help with your pet door business.  Additionally, everyone has the “My Account” tab which would contain your user profile and your order history among other things.  But as with all things technological, time marches on and it has become necessary for us to update the dashboard to comply with new internet and security protocols so we are taking this opportunity to redesign the dealer portion of our website and make it more user friendly and customizable by each of our dealers to meet their specific needs.  Below we are outlining the upcoming changes to prepare you for what is coming and how to use it going forward.

Currently at the top of your screen when you are logged in you will see two links for “My Dashboard” and “My Account” as well as the toolbar with products, information, etc.

This will stay the same for the most part but we are adding a link to the top bar (or the hamburger menu on a cellphone) for “Dealer Resources”.
Under this link, you will find a drop-down list with all the resources you are used to seeing on the home screen of your dashboard. 

You can easily click on any of these to go to the sections you have always had access to on the standard dealer dashboard.  However, we have added a new feature to make “your dashboard” really “yours”.

Going forward, the “My Dashboard” and “My Account” links at the top of the screen will lead you to similar places but just highlight different tabs automatically.  You can easily navigate between tabs as needed.  But the “My Dashboard” tab will now allow you to customize your dashboard to fit your needs exactly.

The first time you click on “My Dashboard” at the top of the screen it should look something like this:

You will begin by adding whatever sections you desire to your dashboard.  To do this click on the wrench icon at the right of the screen.  You will see a popup window with “Dashboard Content”.  Initially, all the boxes in the window will be white indicating that nothing is selected for your dashboard.  Simply click on the boxes for the sections you would like to appear.  The boxes will turn gray and when you click okay your dashboard will now contain the sections you chose. (In the example, dealer info and photos are selected.)

wrench popup window
wrench selections
Your dashboard with the empty sections will look something like this ready for you to add your desired content.

To add items to the sections of your personal dashboard, simply click on the “Dealer Resources” link in the top bar (or the hamburger menu) and click on the tab for the section desired.  Then in that section, star your favorites that you want to show up on your personal dashboard.  You can also click on the highlighted links in the boxes which will take you directly to the appropriate section.

In this example, maybe you want to know pricing most often as well as if there are any dealer specials.

Or maybe you are a glass dealer and only do in-glass installations so only want that information to show up on your dashboard.

As you can see from the last example, each item you star as a favorite will show up in its own category on your dashboard.  Currently, the sections will appear in the order you initially selected them from the wrench popup window. If you would like to rearrange the order of the sections on your dashboard, you can uncheck them on the popup window and then reselect them in the order you prefer.  If you simply uncheck and recheck the same section it will appear at the bottom of your dashboard.  Future improvements will include the ability to drag and drop to rearrange the sections to whatever order you prefer.  Additionally, when in your dashboard with favorites already chosen, you can always click the “View All” link to the right side of the section to see all the available dealer resources in that section.

Moreover, in the future, we will be adding another tab to both “My Account” and “My Dashboard” at the top of the screen for your “Open Carts”.  This will allow you to get quotes for different customers and then once you have a confirmed order, go back into your account and finish checking out the correct cart for that customer.

One more piece of information to help you.  As you may have already noticed the “My Account” section has been updated again to comply with current internet security protocols and requirements.  This included some changes to the navigation structure as well.  There has apparently been some confusion about how to navigate through your previous orders so we are supplying additional instructions for that as well.

When you go into “My Account” and click on the “Orders” tab, you should see something similar to this screenshot at the top of your screen.

To scroll through dozens or hundreds of pages of orders is difficult and cumbersome so we recommend using the “search orders” box at the top right of the screen.  You can enter things like the customer’s name (if you entered it in the “Ordered For” field at the time you originally placed the order) or complete or partial order numbers to narrow down the list to a manageable number. 

We have had requests to make a few improvements to this section as well so in the future we will be adding a navigation box that will allow you to type in a page number and jump directly to it, as well as, remembering which page you were on in the list when you hit the back button after opening an order.  

We hope you will find these changes and improvements to be beneficial for you and make it easier for you to access the resources you need to better take care of your customers. Please let us know if you have any other recommendations and we will see what we can incorporate to make this portion of our website work even better for you in the future.