Open Carts Tab Added to Dealer Accounts Information

We have added a new tab to the dealer account section of our website entitled “Open Carts”.  This section is designed to enable you to see orders in progress that have not yet been checked out.  You can use it to get quotes for your customers, see what shipping charges would be, see what your dealer discount for a particular item is, and more.  Below are screenshots and instructions for how to use this section of your account.

When you first log in to our site you should now see this at the top of your screen. (Screenshots are of the desktop version but the layout is similar on mobile devices and the functionality is the same on whichever device you are using.)

When you click on the open carts tab at the far right you will see a list of all the open carts you currently have on our website.  (Open carts automatically delete after 6 months if they aren’t checked out.)  It will look something like this:
Hale Pet Door Dealer Cart Screen ne
Start a New Cart
To create a new cart, simply add your product to the cart with your chosen options following either the quick order process from the homepage or the longer full questions process from the top blue bar or products page.  Once you have a product in your cart you will see a little green number in the shopping bag at the top right of the screen as shown in the screenshot.

You can see the product you have entered as well as your cost for the product and the retail price for the product that you can quote to your customer.

At the bottom of your cart screen, you will see the familiar blue buttons to allow you to checkout your order, get an estimated shipping quote based on the zip code, or add a comment to your order for things like custom sizes or other notes.  

There are now two white buttons in the row below this: “Clear Cart” and “Delete Cart”.  Clear cart simply removes the current cart from your active shopping bag and allows you to open other carts to get more quotes for other customers or to checkout a different cart.

Delete cart actually removes the cart from your account and from our website completely and cannot be undone.  There is a warning popup when you click on this button for confirmation but please be aware that we cannot recover deleted carts for you so make sure you really want to delete it permanently before choosing this option.

When entering a new cart whether to place an order or just to get a quote for a customer, we recommend that you click “checkout” and add the customer’s name to the "ordered for" field as well as choosing a shipping option on the second page in order to get an accurate quote.  This will also make it easier to search for the correct cart in the future.

Hale Pet Door Dealer Sample Cart Two

Your second cart page will initially look something like this.

Fill in the customer name or your PO number or whatever other piece of information you use to keep track of your orders internally. (In my example I am using “test order five”) 

Click the “Add” link in the Shipping Address box to enter your customer’s information.  If you are shipping to yourself you can simply choose your saved shipping address.

Once you have added a valid shipping address, you will see a list of options for shipping prices and speeds.  You can use this information to provide a quote to your customer or continue checking out if you desire.  If you have any special shipping instructions like gate codes or other shipping-related information, please enter them in the “Shipping Instructions” box.

Hale Pet Door Open Cart Screen Two
Your screen should now look something like this:

You can now continue to checkout your order as usual or if you are simply getting a quote for a customer you can use the “Clear Cart” button on this screen as well to empty your shopping bag.  “Delete Cart” works the same way as before so be careful before clicking on it.

If you proceed to checkout by clicking on the “Continue” button at the bottom of the screen you will see your order summary screen and can confirm the product, options, contact information, billing and shipping addresses, and payment information.  You can also change your order at this point by clicking on the “Change Order” link at the top of the screen.  If you decide at this point that you don’t want to continue checking out, you will again see the “Clear Cart” and “Delete Cart” buttons at the bottom of the screen should you need them.

If you click on the “Clear Cart” button at any point in time, the website will return you to your open carts screen and show you the complete list of open carts for your user.  You can see the new cart I created for test user five at the top of this list.

To come back at a later time and checkout an open cart, you have two options.  If you can easily see the cart you want in the list just click on the blue order number of the appropriate cart, click “Update Order” on the next screen, and checkout as usual.  If you have multiple pages of carts, you can use the search function at the top right of the screen to find the appropriate cart.

As you can see in this screenshot I searched the word “five” which I had previously placed in my “ordered for” field when creating the cart.  My search result contains the one cart I am looking for. 

So if you enter your customer name or PO number, etc in the “ordered for” field when creating your carts, you can search by that information now making it much easier to find the appropriate cart.

If you need to search again you can simply enter a different word and search again or click the “clear” link to the right of the search button to return to the full open cart list.

If you edit an existing cart, the order number will stay the same but the date will update to the current date and the order will move to the top of the cart list as seen below.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with using the new open carts features or with any of the dealer dashboard, account, or dealer resources, please email us at or call 800-646-4773 and we will be happy to assist you.