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Date Posted: December 21, 2022

Dog Door Security Barrier: A Simple Guide to Securing Your Dog Door

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Do you want to add a dog door to your home, but you’re concerned about security? At Hale Pet Door, protecting your family and property is of utmost importance to us. Our pet doors are designed with security in mind, and for additional peace of mind, we offer a highly effective dog door security barrier.

In this article, we discuss security concerns and solutions, so you and your family can enjoy an extremely secure dog door.

Are Dog Doors a Security Risk?

If the dog door is properly designed and certain measures are taken, it will be secure from intrusions, whether it’s insects, wild animals, or potential burglars. We offer security recommendations to address various concerns.

Hale pet doors come with an inside security cover to prevent access from the outside when you’re not at home. For security against insects and small animals, rugged weather stripping and strong magnets make it impossible for them to push through. If you’re worried about human intruders, we offer our dog door security barrier and suggestions for “hiding” the dog door.

How to Secure a Dog Door

You can secure a dog door with a cover when you’re away from home for extended periods (such as vacation) or hide the dog door by installing it in a wall instead of a door, and then camouflaging it. There are also electronic solutions, but they can be problematic.

Can Dog Doors Be Locked?

Yes, dog doors can be locked. At Hale Pet Door, our dog doors come with a security cover and positive action steel pin lock that attaches to the frame, preventing the lock from being opened from the outside.

Pet Door Security Solutions – Pros and Cons

Hale Pet Door offers a highly effective dog door security barrier if you are concerned about security.

People sometimes have security concerns about dog doors, and Hale Pet Doors has solutions. Whether you’re worried about wild animals entering the home, indoor cats “escaping” through a dog door, or someone gaining access when you’re not home, there are various methods to ensure dog door security. Here are some of the pros and cons.

Electronic Pet Doors and RFID collars

Electronic pet doors may seem like a great idea, but they can be problematic, and we advise against them. Whether you want to keep an indoor cat from getting outside, or a burglar from using a large dog door to get inside, the animal (or human) only has to wait for the dog with the activating collar to approach and simply follow them inside (or, in the cat’s case, outside). 

Weight-Activated Alarms, Motion-Activated Lights

Alarms or motion-detector lights, in addition to being an additional expense, can be accidentally set off or turned on when you don’t want them. For example, the alarm might not be set right, and your dog might inadvertently turn it on, frightening them and maybe discouraging them from using the dog door in the future. 

Wall Installation and Concealment

If you wish to “hide” a dog door, you can choose a wall model and conceal it behind a doghouse, potted plant, garden bench, or shrubbery. This makes it more discreet, both for security and appearance. There is really no downside to this solution.

Secure Flaps and Strong Magnets

For homeowners who are worried about smaller animals and insects gaining access to the home through a dog door, look for a pet door that comes with rugged weather stripping, strong flaps, and heavy-duty magnets and strikes.   

Security Door and Inside Locking Mechanism

When you’re away from home, a security cover and steel pin lock keep the dog door securely closed and inaccessible from the outside. 

Simple Security Barrier

For added security, consider our simple security barrier for your pet door. These are devices that are installed outside, in front of a dog door, that pets can easily maneuver around to use the pet door, but that quickly thwarts any would-be burglar. Especially when combined with wall installation and concealment, this is probably the best burglar-proof method for a secure pet door. 

The Hale Dog Door Simple Security Barrier: Convenience, Security, and Comfort

Our pet door simple security banner is made from high-quality steel, and the dividing bars block humans from crossing the barrier. It is even more effective if your pet door is covered with a doghouse, a large planter, or any outdoor decorative object. The security barrier provides exceptional large dog door security.

If you have any questions about pet door safety and security, reach out to us today. We’re happy to help.

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