Date Posted: May 10, 2023

Eco-Friendly Dog Doors and the Environment

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This pooch loves his eco-friendly dog door.

Do you know what impact a dog door has on the environment? There are many aspects of eco-friendly dog doors—how they are made, whether it’s energy efficient, which also affects your heating and cooling costs, and how you manage pet/dog waste. Many people don’t even consider this, but in virtually all communities, pet owners are expected to pick up after their pooch, which usually means a lot of small plastic bags that get thrown away.

In this article, we discuss why having an energy-efficient pet door can save both the planet’s environment as well as your own home environment. It can also improve your pet’s quality of life.

How Using a Dog Door Helps the Environment

If your pet door provides insulation, you can reduce your energy usage by not repeatedly opening and closing big doors. If it is high quality, it will last for years without having to replace it, and if replacement parts are available, it can last even longer. And since your doggy or kitty can relieve themselves outside whenever they want to, this will eliminate the need for plastic doggy poop bags, potty pads, and/or cat litter, which all end up in landfills. Stop this vicious cycle with eco-friendly dog doors.

Pet Doors and Your Home Environment

Using a dog door for your pets helps your indoor environment too. Animal feces from dogs and cats contain harmful parasites and bacteria, which can make you and your family sick. Without a dog door, your pooch may have an “accident,” which can contaminate the air inside your home and be dangerous if anyone comes into contact with it. It’s also very unpleasant. With cats, there is the same bacteria risk, even with cat litter. A pet door eliminates this risk (and the bad smell) since your animals can use the outdoors whenever they need to. This improves indoor air quality in the home.

Improve Your Pet’s Personal Environment

A dog door gives your dog or cat the freedom to go outside when they want to, whether it’s to relieve themselves, get exercise or explore. They’ll also enjoy increased natural light and fresh air for greater health.

How Do Doggie Doors Impact Energy Consumption in the Home?

A high-quality pet door like Hale’s can help you reduce your energy consumption, since it’s a smaller space that’s opened and closed very quickly by your pet, rather than a large door. Hale offers several types of dog doors, including our door model dog door and our highly versatile wall model pet door.

Are Insulated Doggie Doors Safe?

Insulated pet doors keep your family comfortable throughout the year, and your energy costs low. In terms of safety, Hale pet doors have a heavy-duty security cover and steel pin lock to secure them at night and when you’re not home.

Are Dog Doors Good for Hot/Cold Weather?

A properly insulated pet door keeps you and your animals safe and comfortable in the hottest and coldest temperatures. Hale’s dual-flap design and weatherstripping make our dog doors the very best for both hot and cold climates.

Eco-Friendly Dog Doors by Hale

At Hale Pet Door, we offer eco-friendly dog doors that are designed for maximum energy efficiency, with multiple types of premium weatherstripping, standard dual flaps, and secure magnetic closures. These pet doors are made from extruded aluminum and not plastic, so they are extremely durable.

Our pet doors are made 100% in our U.S. factory with the highest quality materials and the least amount of waste possible, using manufacturing best practices.

For a happier pet and a healthier environment, inside and out, choose the best quality pet door on the market and shop dog doors at Hale.

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