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Family Owned & Operated since 1985

Founded in 1985 in Phoenix, Arizona by Bill Hale

The company evolved from Hale Glass Contracting™ to Hale Security Pet Door® to its current identity as Hale Pet Door™. It was through his experience in the glass industry that Mr. Hale became intrigued with the idea of pet doors and focused on installing them directly into the glass pane of a sliding glass door.

As interest grew and the demand from pet lovers for additional products and services increased, Mr. Hale was inspired to meet the challenge. And so, after more than 30 years we are proud to offer 10 models of pet doors in a variety of colors available in 11 standard sizes.

Superior quality products

Over the years we have manufactured safe, secure, energy efficient and attractive pet doors and provided professional installation for the conscientious pet owner. Thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits, even monkeys, pot bellied pigs and tortoises are enjoying the freedom that a Hale Pet Door provides.

Our reputation is based on superior quality, unsurpassed selection and unparalleled customer service. It is reflected through long-term relationships with our franchisees, dealers, factory certified installers and repeat customers throughout the world.


From Arizona to Colorado

For decades, Phoenix was home to our entire engineering department, production and manufacturing operation, and wholesale distribution center, while our corporate offices including the national sales office, marketing, and IT development departments were in Canon City, Colorado. But in 2014, we began the process of relocating and consolidating all our operations to Colorado. We now own a large property with multiple buildings that house all our various departments in one location which facilitates more efficient operations and allows us to fulfill customer and dealer orders more promptly.

At Hale Pet Door our customers’ satisfaction is our priority.

Our skilled staff continually strives to provide our customers (two-legged and four-legged) with exceptional products and excellent service. We have been “Making Pets Happy Around The World Since 1985™” and are committed to continue doing so.

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