Web Security Policy

General Information:

Internet connections to www.halepetdoor.com are protected by a firewall, virus-protection and secure connections. All financial transaction processing is conducted behind a firewall protected DMZ not located on the web server.

Hale Pet Door employs a variety of security techniques and E-merchant service providers that specialize in providing a secure environment to conduct E-business. All customer information required to process a transaction is encrypted and is processed through a secure international gateway. No customer financial information is stored on the website at any time. All credit processing information is removed from the temporary off-line credit processing server as soon as the payment is verified and deposited. Customer address information is retained for warranty purposes. Customer data is never sold or shared with anyone.

All credit-check and payments are processed across a 128 bit secured connection. Fraud detection software provided by the leading E-Merchant service provider checks for address verification, card code verification and a risk assessor service that checks various aspects of the transaction against as many as 150 individual business rules before processing the order. No financial data is ever stored!


Payment Processing Steps:

Step 1: Consumer places an order with the merchant through the Website

Step 2: Merchant submits the order/transaction via the gateway service. The system securely encrypts and forwards the Authorization Request to the Consumer’s Credit Card Issuer to verify the consumer’s credit card account and funds availability.

Step 3: The Authorization (or Decline) Response is returned via the system to the Merchant. This process typically averages around 2 seconds.

Step 4: Upon approval, the Merchant fulfills the consumer’s order.

Step 5: The system sends the settlement request to the Merchant service provider.

Step 6: The Merchant Service provider deposits transaction funds into the merchant’s business checking or depository account.

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