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Date Posted: October 18, 2023

Weatherproofing Your Pet Door: Keeping Your Home Comfortable

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Effective weatherproofing is important for maintaining a cozy and energy-efficient home. Weatherproofing and draft prevention are even more important if your home has a pet door. Fortunately, there are steps you can take and materials you can use to ensure your pet door doesn’t compromise your indoor comfort or energy efficiency.

Information in this article will answer questions like, How can I prevent drafts around my pet door? How often should I check and maintain my pet door weatherproofing? This article will give you the information you need to create a safe and comfortable living environment around your pet’s door.

Pet Door Weatherproofing Tips

Pet door weatherproofing has many benefits:

  • Create a more energy-efficient pet door
  • Prevent drafts in your home
  • Make your home more comfortable
  • Prevent damaging moisture buildup and pest invasion

Here’s how to get it done.

1. Install a High-Quality Insulated Pet Door

Draft prevention starts by installing a high-quality insulated pet door from a reputable manufacturer. Look for pet doors with two flaps and extra weatherproofing to ensure energy efficiency when temperatures drop.

Look for features like a raincap to help divert water away from your pet’s door, thus ensuring a more effective seal for your pet’s door. Follow all weatherstripping instructions, including caulking and sealing gaps as provided in the instruction manual, or have your preferred handyman install your pet door for you.

2. Prevent Drafts With Weatherstripping

Draft prevention for pet doors is easy if you have the right materials. One way to enjoy pet door energy savings is to install weatherstripping. Some pet door companies offer pet door-specific weatherstripping that can help with this.

Use weatherstripping that fills the gaps between your pet door and the frame. It should not be so thick that the door will not shut properly, nor should it be so thin that you can see gaps between the door and the frame.

3. Inspect Your Pet Door Every Fall

Maintaining your pet door can ensure that pet door weatherproofing remains intact and effective. Inspect your pet door every fall. Look for cracks or missing parts in the door flaps, missing weatherstripping and large gaps between the frame and the door itself.

If needed, install replacement flaps or miscellaneous pet door parts. Replace any weatherstripping that is cracked or no longer puffy. Some weatherstripping may need replacement every year.

Why Customers Turn to Hale for Energy-Efficient Pet Door

For almost 40 years, Hale has been the company of choice for pet owners. Hale sells pet doors with two flaps to help keep out the weather, and all of our doors include weatherstripping to prevent drafts at home. Clients turn to us because we offer excellent customer support.

Once your door is purchased, you can email us or call with questions about installation, weatherstripping, removing an old door and installing a new one, replacing broken parts and more. We offer weatherproofing tips for pet doors and a 10-year prorated warranty on all of our replacement parts for the pet door.

Winter Is Coming – Weatherproof Your Pet Door Today

Pet door weatherproofing is important. Without sufficient weatherproofing, your pet door can allow drafts into your home or may even cause water intrusion. Hale pet doors are heavy-duty, weatherproofed, and sealed to help ensure customer satisfaction. Discover weatherproofing solutions for a cozier home environment with Hale pet door products.


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